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Bright Lights, Big City

Explore Times Square at Our Chic Hotel

A hotel near NYC’s Times Square

With non-stop energy, lights that never turn off, and jumble of high-end shops and restaurants, Times Square has come a long way since its famously gritty history. The New Year’s Eve party here, most famous for its ball-drop, is broadcast around the world. It’s here where Broadway theater comes to life and where Tony Awards are made. But in recent years, Times Square has also amped up the cool-cred, with brand-new pedestrian-only greenways and seating areas, not to mention a host of independently owned restaurants and bars cropping up amid the chains. But that’s the great thing about Times Square—and New York—generally: No matter what you’re into, be it a loaded burger from a brand-name restaurant that exists back home or a quiet omakase in the back of a nondescript sushi den, you’ll find something that speaks to you.